3 Reflective Questions for Educational Leaders for the End of 2020

It may well be one of the most overused statements this year (or at least some version of it), but 2020 has certainly been one heck of a year. The early childhood sector has seen it's share of rollercoaster moments this year and we have had to adapt to numerous changes in practice and ways of being with the children and families in our services. But, for leaders - approved providers, nominated supervisors and educational leaders - this year has bought an array of unexpected challenges that have no doubt tested your leadership skills, and your resilience. For educational leaders in particular, your role may have shifted this year as many services stepped into survival mode. 


But you know what? We've made it. The end of the year is around the corner and most services are winding down and getting ready for a break. What a perfect time to reflect. Not on how bizarre the year has been - I think we are all over that! But on how we have risen to the challenge (or perhaps at times, shied away from it) throughout the year in the role of educational leader.


So, we are encouraging you to grab a notebook and head outside (fresh air and sunshine are good for you!) and reflect on these three questions: 


  1. How did I support my team on an emotional/wellbeing level throughout this year? 
  2. How did I lead our team to keep families engaged in the program and practices of the service, particularly during periods of closure and reduced attendance? 
  3. How did I grow as a leader? What new skills and knowledge did or gain, or what practices did I implement? 


There you go - that wasn't so hard! You might have your own questions to add too. 

When we reflect on what we've done well, and even what we feel like we might have sucked at - it gives us the opportunity to consider how we might grow in the future. Let this simple reflective practice be a stepping stone to setting some leadership goals in 2021!


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